RM-85 Spark Gap and fouling
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    Default RM-85 Spark Gap and fouling

    my 80 has been fouling out lately. i think the mix got to much gas left and it died one day tried kicking notihng. pulled the plug cleaned it kicked it. started up ran for about 2 minutes and died. tried kicking again nothing. after a few kicks it let off alot of pressure out the exhaust. fouled spark plug again cleaned made sure there was spark. did again ran for a sec and died. same thing again. any ideas also whats the gap suppose to be on the plug?

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    I have exactly that kind of issue with my 2004 Suzuki Rm85... :\

    I'm currently running a BR10EG plug, i think this may be too cold of a plug, so i want to get a hotter one because you have the same problem as me...

    i start it, starts instantly (when plug is cleaned) and then 1-2 mins of running, i have to keep it alive but it just dies... :-\

    the other day i had some luck, i cleaned the plug (Perfectly!) and i plugged it in proper tight and it kicked and ran.. 1/4 throttle it was boggy and dieing... but as soon as i keep it over 1/2 throttle it ran sweet and i got about 25 mins of messing around and havin fun... but then later on, i wanted to show my dad that it ran and it wouldn't... had the same damn problem... starts and fouls (dies..)

    If you or anybody has any ideas, plz help would be appreciated.

    Max - 04 Suzuki Rm85 - 07 CPI SuperMoto 50cc