YZ 80 oil to gas ratio
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    Default YZ 80 oil to gas ratio

    So this is kinda a dumb question, but I bought a yz 80 and im going to pick it up and do some riding this weekend and I dont know what ratio to mix the gas at. lol, I know i am a dumba$$ but the only 2 stroke that I ever had to mix gas for was my Banshee and I know its not the same.
    :evil3:2001 Banshee:evil3:
    0.20 Bore
    Wisco Pistons
    Noss Machine Head
    Pro Circuit Platinum Pipes
    White Brothers Boost Bottle
    K&N Air Filter with Pro Flow Billet Air Flange

    1991 TrailBlazer 250

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    safe level is 32:1 and you can even go as high as 40:1, depends on youre style of riding. if youre WOT most of the time, 32:1 will work.