cr250 performance mods?
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    Default cr250 performance mods?

    I just bought my first 2stroke 2001 CR 250 what are the best mods I can do and what brand do you recomend?

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    I'm assuming it is stock because you didn't say otherwise. The first thing to do on a two stroke is get new exhaust. That will give you a lot of power increase and it's the best bang for the buck. I'd recommend Pro Circuit.

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    actualy stock dirtbike exhaust is not all that bad, bikes are made from factory to be "race ready" for the average mx racer, and yes you will/can get more power out of an aftermarket pipe/silencer but not a BIG notice in power like on quads, basicly the different pipes just move the power to a different rpm.

    start with a better reed/cage set up, free flowing air filter, mill/"shave" the head or aftermarket head, and exhaust, and if you STILL want more power get a good port job.

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    Bandito is right on track. I always tell every one that gets a new Bike to ride it for a while first. Find out what its all about and where you want the performance gains (suspension or Motor ) Get some time on the seat before you go and up grade especial on a used bike..You might be surprised what gremlins show up in a shot time of owning it ..A 250 is a pretty quick ride to begin with in stock form .. All the performance upgrades in the world won't make it faster is the rider and suspension cant handle it....
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    what brand of reeds, air filter, and head would you recomend?

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    Default G3 reeds an cage or vforce, uni filter and i'm unsure on what companies make cool heads for bikes.