2003 CR250 Jetting Questions...
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    I bought my 2003 Honda CR250R with a Factory FMF Fatty, FMF Shorty, Twin-Air Air Filter, and a ScaryNow Powernow already installed. There wasn't any change with the jets... I figured that changing the jets would help with the aftermarket parts, so I went to FMFracing.com and looked up their recommended jet setup for the bike.

    Stock Main Jet: 440
    FMF's Main Jet: 400

    Stock Pilot Jet: 30
    FMF's Pilot Jet: 40

    Stock Needle & Clip Position: 38-73 2nd clip pos.
    FMF's Needle & Clip Position: 38-70 1st clip pos.

    After putting the FMF/Dirt Rider magazine recommended jet setup in, the bike ran extremely rich. I'm running 40:1 fuel in it. If any of you have tips or suggestions on what I should try next... i'd appreciate it.

    2003 Honda CR250R
    FMF Factory Fatty
    FMF Shorty
    FMF Turbine Core II
    Twin Air air filter
    Scary Fast Powernow
    1996 Suzuki RM80
    FMF Fatty
    FMF Powercore
    FMF Q
    Boyesen Dual Stage Reeds
    N Style Graphics
    Excel Rims

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    no one can hit it on the nose... just put the slide in the middle go like 1 size up on the piloit and maybe 3 or 4 up on the main... then check the plug or just go 1 up on everything... then up again if its not enough
    I dont just want to be another guy, with a pipe and a payment...

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