2 Stroke oil comparison?
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    Default 2 Stroke oil comparison?

    Hi guys, been searching for a while now and found nothing, looking for a 2 stroke oil comparison test? Mineral vs semi vs fully synth? Or between brands etc? There doesn't seem to be much on the net at all!!

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    a chemical engineer over at hcs did a test

    redline racing fully synthetic did the best...(costs lots though)

    polaris VES gold did 2nd best(smells sweet like strawberry ice cream too)

    but then he tested some oil that beat all of them and it wasnt even synthetic oil...and was really cheap

    just want to ask...what tempatures are you living in, what rpm do you run, and does your engine have VES? whats your engines oil consumption supposed to be and what is your oil pump set at?

    ill tell ya this right now...if you arnt jetted correctly no oil will make up for that
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