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    I have a 92 Blaster that was running fine, started it up two days ago, was idling fine, and then i hit the gas and I heard a grinding noise. I shut it off, looked in the window for oil, and it was reading a little low. I went to put some more in, and when I took the plug out, I noticed that the gear connected to the stator behind the clutch basket was off and rubbing against the basket. I took the cover off, and I noticed the timing marks on the crankshaft gear and the stator gear. How do you get the timing back to where it should be? The stator gear can go on 3 different ways, so I don't know how it should be. Also, the piece that holds the stator gear on will not go back on. I was thinking about using a big socket and a hammer, but then I realized the timing is probably out of whack. How do you get the piece back on, and how do you get the timing back to where it should be?

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    Here's a couple pictures of the gear that I'm talkin about. I'm not sure if it really is the stator gear or not, but I do know that it has a timing mark on it.

    Here's the gear that came off. If you look closely, you can see the timing marks on that gear and the crank gear.

    Here's the piece that looks like it holds the gear on that will not go back on.

    Any idea's how to set it back up?

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    int hat second picture it looks like that piece goes inside the gear behind it ya know?

    And I'm pretty sure you could just put it back on and do a trail and error with the timing gear thingy...

    How did all that come off?
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    It was sitting there idling after I had riden it for aobut 10 min, I hit the gas to start movin again, and heard a grinding noise. And for the triangluar piece, i think I was holding it backwards, because that's the only thing I found in the case that looks like it would hold the gear on.

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    Today I put the piston at TDC, and the mark on the crank gear was in position so that it would line up with the mark on the gear that came off. The part that the gear attatches to isn't the stator, i don't think, but it seems like it is weighted at one side, because when you spin it, it will spin until it looses speed, then it will go back and forth like there's a weight on one side until it stops moving. I put the gear back on, lined up the marks, and the piece that goes over the gear went on with a little persuasion from a socket and hammer. Wouldn't come back off either. Now, it runs great. Seems like everything went back together perfectly, because it's running like it never happened.